"Service with Pride"

Mission Statement

"The Three Lakes Fire Department is a voluntary based fire department dedicated to serving the residents of the R.M. of Three Lakes (400); and the villages of St. Benedict, Middle Lake, and Pilger with timely and professional service in the emergency response field."


The Three Lakes Fire Department serves the residents within the Rural Municipality(400) Three Lakes. The R.M. envelopes three villages: Middle Lake, St. Benedict, and Pilger and covers an area of approximately 900sq Km. Approximately 1200 residents reside within the R.M. and the three villages. The bulk reside outside village limits, approximately 720. The village of St. Benedict is home to approximately 120 residents. Middle Lake has approximately 300 citizens. And approximately 100 residents call Pilger home. Of the 720 residents in the R.M. 110 of them reside in a "fourth village" on the outskirts of Middle Lake. Bethany Pioneer Village is a senior citizens complex, with various levels of care, nestled amongst the trees on the shores of Lake Lucien.


In 1967, the residents of; the R.M. Three Lakes (400),the village of Middle Lake, the village of St. Benedict, and the hamlet of Pilger were deciding on joining with the Humboldt and District Fire Organization or organize, establish, and fund a fire protection service unto themselves. On March 22nd 1967, the parties collectively decided it to be in their best interests to have a fire service stationed locally and serve their needs firstly. As a result the Three Lakes Fire Organization was established. The Organizations first task was to establish a fire department, and draw up agreements between the contributing parties. Meeting throughout 1968 saw the finalizing of funding, housing and staffing agreements; as well as the construction of a fire hall and the purchase of a pumper truck. The first Fire Chief was Carl Fishcl, followed by Gerry Rosenburger, Gordon Rowland, Allan Jaeb, Darryl Koeferle, Harry Goyak, Wayne Ruep and at present Derek McDougall.



Today the Three Lakes Fire Department consists of 1 Fire Chief and 14 active Fire Fighters. The Fire Fighters are volunteers from the three villages, 6 are from St. Benedict, 7 from Middle Lake, and 1 from Pilger. The Three Lakes Fire Department has 1 pumper truck, a 1968 Pierre Thibault midship pumper which holds 750 gallons and has a pumping capacity of 500 g.p.m. The pumper truck also carries 2MSA S.C.B.A's, a 200 g.p.m 11hp Honda portable pump as well as a 5.0hp Honda pump mounted on top of the truck which is plumbed into the booster reel (mostly for grass fires), chainsaw, rescue saw, and a complement of various handtools.. A 1250 gallon water tanker is a new addition to the Three Lakes Fire Department and is a very valuble accompaniment to the pumper. It also carries with it 2 MSA S.C.B.A's, a 2500 gallon floating collar portable tank, low-level strainer, stretcher, extra gear, and drinking water. In order to accomodate the additional apparatus the Three Lakes Fire Department has constructed a new fire hall. The new fire hall is a great new home for the department. The area is large enough to house our apparatus, as well as provide ample room for better training exercises and meetings. To see the fire hall grow the planning stage to finished product, please visit the Fire Hall section for pictures of the construction. Currently the Three Lakes Fire Department is working on replacing our current frontline pumper and moving the current pumper to St. Benedict. We believe that by doing this we will greatly enhance our effectivness and service to all the citizines of the Three Lakes area.