"Service with Pride"

Mission Statement

"The Three Lakes Fire Department is a voluntary based fire department dedicated to serving the residents of the R.M. of Three Lakes (400); and the villages of St. Benedict, Middle Lake, and Pilger with timely and professional service in the emergency response field."

Buy, Sell and Trade


On this page we will display articles that fire departments wish to Buy, Sell or Trade. Please feel free to contact us if you have anything you wish to put on the web (free of charge). Please provide an address, phone number etc... that a buyer can contact you at.

(The Three Lakes Fire Department or any of it's affiliates is not responsible for the quality or availability of any items (other than their own) dispalyed on the website. Nor is The Three Lakes Fire Department or any of it's affiliates responsible for the transfer of goods or monies of any transaction (other than their own).

Minitor III Pagers for Sale

Minitor III Pagers and Chargers - $300.00 (each)

CSI Micropatch 9800D for sale (for use with voice paging systems) $600.00 obo.

Seller: Three Lakes Fire Department. Please contact us for more information.